Author: Monique Bozeman

Impact of Voice Search on Contact Centers

SAN DIEGO—With the onset of more viable mobile Web services, experts at the Voice Search 2009 conference predict that call center traffic will increase. Sitting on the panel “How Will Contact Centers Evolve in the Voice Search Era?,” Monique Bozeman, principal analyst at Monique Bozeman Consulting, says the ease with which users can move directly […]

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CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Customer Service Goes Mobile: Is The User Experience Enhanced?

Customer service-related product release announcements in recent weeks point to the continuing advances in offerings targeted at enhancing customer experience over mobile devices, which makes sense given there are more than 3 billion mobile subscribers in the world and that number is expected to exceed 4.7 billion by 2011, according to Gartner Research. That and the […]

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CONTACT CENTER CORNER: Wading Through the Quagmire That Is Reporting and Analytics

Wednesday November 12,2008 12:41:32 By Monique Bozeman Analytics applications are hot, still emerging, mixed in with more mature applications and well, very confusing. Research analysts attempt to categorize, re-categorize and coin market segment terminology, niche vendors strive to extend beyond their core competency and claim functionality they may yet be growing into, and larger suite […]

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